StoneAge VV-Heerenveen JO15-1

Sporters voor Sporters

( Chosen by team captain: Iets anders sportiefs )

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from €1.000 (59%)

Health is not for everybody!


All these young guys are lucky enough they have the health and strength to play in this soccer team.

This health is not for everybody and we can't take it for granted.

With our health and strength we would like to do something good for others that are not as lucky as we are.

If you want to help us help them, please donate !!!

Thank you so much 


StoneAge VV-Heerenveen JO15-1

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€25 31-12-2018 | 14:48 Een goede actie voor een broodnodige hulp aan onze wereld
€5 23-12-2018 | 09:59
€10 22-12-2018 | 23:32
€10 22-12-2018 | 09:54
€25 21-12-2018 | 23:02